CIEE Suspending All Summer 2020 Programs in Chile

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As you are probably aware, protests have been taking place in Santiago and other cities in Chile since October 2019. Renewed unrest was sparked in late January by the death of a football fan during an incident with security forces. Due to ongoing disruptions in the country, it is unlikely CIEE will be able to reliably conduct classes and provide a safe, consistent learning environment for students. Therefore, CIEE has decided to suspend all summer 2020 programs in Chile.

The following CIEE programs will not be offered in summer 2020:

We recognize that this is disappointing for students who were hoping to study abroad or intern in Chile this summer. We will work with affected students to help them connect with another opportunity that will meet their personal and academic goals this summer. 

We will be emailing students who have active applications to any of our summer programs in Chile that have been suspended to let them know the programs won’t run and encourage them to reach out to our Admissions Coordinators to discuss alternative options.

At this time, we do not anticipate any changes to our fall 2020 programming options in Chile. However, the situation is fluid and we will be keeping an eye on the situation in the country as it unfolds through early spring.  If we must make changes to our fall programs in Chile out of concern for student safety or our ability to provide successful academic outcomes, we will promptly notify study abroad advisors and students.



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