CIEE Celebrates 75 Years of Bringing the World Together with Bridge Builder Awards

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CIEE was founded in 1947, in the wake of World War II, to advance peace in our world through people-to-people exchange. To celebrate 75 years of building bridges of respect and mutual understanding across cultures, CIEE is presenting 75 CIEE Bridge Builder Awards to those individuals and institutions – from host families to study abroad advisors, from politicians to employers – whose efforts and influence over the last 75 years have strengthened international education and exchange.

The recipients of the CIEE Bridge Builder Awards are:

A website featuring the stories of the 75 Bridge Builders is at It includes reflections from many of the recipients, all of whom testify to the power and beauty of international exchange.

“As we look back on CIEE’s 75 years of bringing the world together by bringing together individuals from different backgrounds, cultures, and countries, we are pleased to recognize and express our gratitude to the people and partners who make intercultural exchange a powerful tool for nurturing world peace,” said James P. Pellow, President and CEO of CIEE.

“We look forward to embracing and overcoming any challenges we may face over the next 75 years of providing international exchange and study abroad opportunities that advance peace in our world. Nothing is more powerful to that end than helping young people understand and respect other cultures,” he said.

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