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The Foster family resides in Milford, Delaware and is made up of host mom Katresa, host dad Micheal, their young daughter Finlee, and dog Boots. As a first time host family, they are hosting Lucas from Brazil.

“We moved from a small town in Western New York about 4 years ago and now live in Milford, Delaware. We have wonderful bakeries, fun antique shops, a great farmers market, and beautiful beaches. We love it here. There is a great sense of community and plenty to do here.

We decided to become a host family after seeing a posting about CIEE on social media. Our Local Coordinator had posted a very general request looking for host families for the 2016-2017 school year.

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I didn't know anything about CIEE, and to be honest, didn't know much about the exchange student process. My only experience was from back in high school, I had a great friendship with a young man from Germany, named Marc. He didn't live with my family, but I have many memories of him hanging out with us and swimming on the swim team with us.

Having Lucas join our family has been wonderful. When we picked him up at the train station, I knew this would work. Lucas was all smiles and so were we. He is a genuine, funny, friendly, caring young man. He's open to do and try anything.  He's been tossed right into our family mix from the start. He immediately accepted my husband and I, and has taken very kindly to having a little sister who absolutely adores him!

Having Lucas here is really fun for all of us. We are learning a bit of Portuguese. Seeing that Lucas is always in the kitchen (he loves to cook and loves to eat, even more, and so do we.) the only words that are sticking with us are all food words. We cook many meals together and eat as a family almost every night. Lucas shares some of his favorite recipes from home and we share our secret family cookies recipes with him.  Finlee loves going with Lucas and I to the grocery store.  She asks, very politely, "Lucas how do you say____ in Portuguese? " for every item.  He responds with a huge grin, the correct word, very politely, for every single item. Finlee loves telling everyone that Lucas is her brother from Brazil. She shows him off to everyone!

Lucas just recently joined the tennis team at school; he's second singles. Mike, Finlee and I have been to the home matches that he's had. We love to see him play and we are enjoying seeing the relationships he's making while he's here. He had a great compliment from an opponent at his last match. The other athlete said he was "The most honest, and fun opponent that he's ever played against." Lucas called all the shots honestly and true and was really enjoying playing. How awesome is that??!! Proud parent moment, for sure! (For us and for his family back home in Brazil, too!) Oh, and Lucas is a terrific student! Getting honor roll for the 1st semester as a Milford Senior and doing even better this semester. 

Together we have talked about our upcoming trip to Brazil...and to Uruguay and Argentina. I say upcoming, quite loosely, but it will happen, some day! He wants to show us Carnival time and where he lives. Lucas wants to show us his family farm (many, many thousands of acres) and where he is from. We can't wait to see it, some day. We do get to meet Lucas' family in May, at his Graduation. They are coming and we have a graduation party planed with many family and friends. His family doesn't speak English and we don't speak Portuguese. Poor Lucas will be tired out translating for the whole weekend, but we can't wait. We love them for sharing their son with us for 10 months.

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Having to share your home isn't always easy. Besides the ever growing laundry pile, singing in the hour-plus shower and the somewhat untidy teenage boy bedroom, it's been very easy. I don't think it could this exchange could have gone any better. I highly recommend the process to anyone and everyone.  We have loved sharing Lucas and all he has brought to our lives, with everyone we know.  We look forward to meeting Lucas' parents and brother and we look forward to an everlasting friendship with the Antolini family. What an incredible experience we have had."

Thank you Foster family for sharing your story!

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