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Clark University Students

CIEE is partnering with Clark University to offer the Global Campus Program (CUGC). This unique university pathway program is designed to prepare international students for academic success in the U.S.

The program:

  • Builds confidence in English, academics, and the ability to succeed in an American classroom
  • Provides practical, career-focused learning, academic support, and real-world internship opportunities
  • Develops a social and academic network of peers and alumni from around the world, including U.S. students studying abroad
  • Guarantees admission with sophomore standing to Clark University in the U.S. upon successful completion of the one year program

How does Global Campus Work?

1. Start in Shanghai or Costa Rica

Spend your first college year at one of the Global Campus locations — the prestigious ENCU campus in Shanghai or the CIEE Monteverde campus in Costa Rica — immersed in the rich history and culture of the host city, while following an academically rigorous program of study.

Clark University students

2. Transition to Clark University in America

Continue your studies the following summer in the U.S. at Clark University, in Worcester, Mass. The summer program provides continued English language instruction and immersion in American culture to prepare you for academic success and social integration into the United States.

3. Earn Your Degree the American Way

Pursue the balance of your undergraduate degree at Clark, studying business, the humanities, or science. All programs are taught in the American classroom style and Clark will provide you with academic support, career exploration and work experience with U.S. employers.

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