Thank you Berlin!

Authored By:

Antonia O.

      Looking back on my time here in Berlin, I can confidently say it was a positive, enlightening experience. As a biology major, I could easily see the application of my major in the topics and possible career fields for me to explore. Though I do wish we explored more of the medical field, I hadn’t ever considered global health careers and I now find interest in them.

    Of the speakers, I believe my favorite was Dr. Tim Eckmanns, on antibiotic resistance. Even with all the detailed, complicated information, I learned a lot about immunity, a concentration that I see myself looking into now and in the future. In addition, I saw the application of the information he shared with us in our daily lives. For example, he gave us advice about taking antibiotic prescriptions- always finish the dose, even if you feel better.

      Regarding the excursions we took, my favorites were the one to Technical Universite and the Robert Koch Institute. At the university, I got a glimpse into what German university experience was like, if I wanted to study abroad. Also, building a speaker and applying some information I had learned in a physics class I took in high school made it very interactive and enthralling. At the institute, I was able to see the development and growth of medical technology. Though I had expected a more detailed tour outside of the museum, such as viewing a laboratory etc., I did enjoy the trip. Seeing as I aim to be a general surgeon, I was really looking forward to visiting the medical university but if I ever come back to Berlin, I’ll definitely visit.

      I have learned and experienced so much being in Berlin that I couldn't have even imagined in America. I'm greatful for this trip and thankful that I was able to participate. Thank you CIEE. Thank you Berlin!