Reflections on Berlin

Authored By:

Imani R.

    Overall, my journey in Berlin has proved enlightening. Although I have always had an interest in math and science, never before had I considered the effects of health standards and policies globally. What I realized the most was that no matter who you are or where you’re from, the health issues of the world should concern everyone. Oftentimes, people are only concerned with the diseases that plague their country or their area. However, if we all work together to solve health issues and contribute to the global health effort, so much more would get done.

    Another lesson I have learned from my time here in Berlin is that cultural differences make the world so much more interesting. Some of the more drastic differences between Berlin and the United States have made my trip in Berlin cool and unique. No air condition has definitely been an adjustment. Likewise, the lack of water fountains and places to fill up personal water bottles left me parched early on. However, the metro has been a crazy but fascinating experience. It’s been cool to immerse myself in the culture and try to listen in on conversations even though my grasp of the German language is still sorely lacking. One other highlight of my journey has been the food. Schnitzel, sushi, curry, and kabobs have filled my mealtimes with bliss.

    Furthermore, the tours and excursions we’ve done have taught me more about the history of Germany as well as learning opportunities in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. It has been fascinating to see the cultural and historical awareness of the German people of times such as the Holocaust and the Cold War.

    My time in Berlin has been a joy containing memories I will never forget. If I had any advice for anyone else visiting Berlin, it would be to take advantage of your time here. Berlin has a long and deep history, and there are so many lessons to be learned in such a rich and vibrant culture.