Internships 101: How to practice self-care when you are abroad

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Travelling, working and studying abroad is one of the best experiences you can curate for yourself. Learning a new language, trying new food, meeting new people - learning new work skills. It all adds up to a wonderful life opportunity. It also can be stressful and routine- altering. We have some tips below for you to practice when you are abroad. These will help you check-in, slow down, and really take it all in!  

Start early 

Plan out your “me” time in advance. Whether that is reading a book, practicing mindful morning meditation, or grabbing a coffee at your favorite local shop; it’s important to carve out some time to find a few moments of peace for yourself. Planning in advance will remove the rushed stress and added anxiety to your day – head into your day with a confident start!  

Learn how to meditate

Up late thinking about a work assignment? Having FOMO because you can’t make lunch with your new friends? Check-in with yourself during these times. Practice breathing, stretching and assure yourself that there will always be more experiences. Taking some alone time is good for the mind and soul. 

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Be present 

Put that phone down! There is so much to see and do outside of that 5-inch screen. Life starts when you are at the edge of your comfort zone – so go make some new friends, talk to a local, enjoy a walk. 

Check-in back home

How are your friends and family doing at home? Share your experiences with them – practicing storytelling will engage you in your journey.

Pro tip: Make sure you leave your contact information (phone, address, new places you will be hanging out) with some trusted friends and family back home. It gives them peace of mind, and you the comfort of knowing someone is only a phone call away. 

Connect with local community 

Really get to know your surroundings, so you feel at home, and less of a visitor. Go for a bike ride, attend a local event, join some new clubs – you won’t regret the new friends and experiences you make. 

Be flexible 

Know that not everything will go your way or be perfect – be flexible! Start a travel journal and catalog your experiences, noting how they make you feel. You will be able to better predict the speedbumps and roll with the punches. Remember, beauty is in the imperfection! 

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Do you have any self-care tips that you practice when you are travelling? We want to hear them!  Send us a note so we can share your tips and tricks with the world. 

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