internships 101: creating the perfect résumé

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Landing a job in the global marketplace is becoming increasingly challenging in today's competitive society. Creating the perfect résumé will begin to set you apart from your peers - especially with an internship abroad! 

American-style résumés are quite different from CV formats used in many other countries. They vary in length and how they’re organized, but here are some general guidelines if you are applying for an internship abroad, or in the US: 

  • Shorter is better — no more than a single page (don't forget to save it as a PDF - this ensures your original formatting will be preserved and your documents will be read as intended.)
  • Tailor your résumé to the position you’re seeking. Find ways to make your experiences in other areas relevant to the prospective employer.
  • Don’t overinflate your accomplishments to date – but don’t minimize them, either!
  • Be specific about your accomplishments and the results of any jobs or other internships you might have had. What did you learn? How did your work help improve your company’s performance?
  • When listing your education and experience, start with the most recent and work backward.
  • Carefully consider the formatting. Organize the information logically and use a visually pleasing font and type size.
  • Do not include graphics, photographs, or icons unless specifically requested.
  • Leave out personal information such as your age.

Photo for blog post internships 101: creating the perfect résumé

We know creating the perfect résumé can take time and experience. Don't get discouraged along the way. We have some extra advice for you, below:

Keep the layout clean!

Consistency is key here! Stick with using one font type throughout the document that is easy to read online and offline - some of our favorites are Arial, Times New Roman, or Calibri. Be thorough in your editing - make sure all locations and dates are listed the same way (Boston, MA. '12 vs. Boston, Massachusetts, 2012, etc.)

Include a link to your LinkedIn

If you haven't already, now is a great time to create or update your professional LinkedIn. Check out some of our pro-tips for how to update your LinkedIn for future employers. 

Be clear and concise

It helps to include a professional title and summary at the top of your résumé that clearly states your goals - this helps the hiring manager know your personal brand, style and the value you intend to add to their company. While employers don't expect their prospective interns and employees to have loads of experience, they do want to see an active, well-rounded student who's genuinely interest in their job opportunity and company. 

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