The Culmination of Berlin for 2 Weeks

Authored By:

Lauren B.

How did I enjoy Germany? I think that for me Berlin was revolutionary in the sense of the incredible history that remains in the city that have mixed with the current culture to create a new feeling of German pride and a broader cultural identity. Before I came to Berlin, I planned out most of trip regarding what monuments I would see, on what tours I would go, and in stores I would shop. This only enhanced my experience as I did not waste any time on my free days or fail to take the opportunity to immerse myself in German culture. These outside personal excursions gave me broader context of a cultural lens that I could then apply to the classroom material and succeed in understanding more about Global Health and Intercultural communication. Specifically looking at the Tori’s days of teaching, I appreciate more in regards to the intersectionality of health and how it cannot solely be doctors or health professionals making decisions for a developing country or to deal with a global outbreak. Instead, natives from the culture must also join the discussions they will have the best background to tie in the new health projects with the community and create a venture for success. Besides culturalists, engineers, policymakers, and more need to be in the room in order to foment change positively and go beyond just fixing one problem, but to instead develop long-term plans to complete sustainable efforts. My understanding on this intersection of global health relates to the German culture because I had an opportunity to see a different face of healthcare in a closer aspect. Rather than reading up on the German culture, I could visualize and relate my understanding with the German people into how they create their hospitals and countrywide efforts to help other countries in need whether it be from a humanitarian outlook or to avoid an epidemic outbreak. To face these problems, the German health system had to communicate with the culture they wanted to assist and other international communities to develop an all-encompassing plan together. This may prove difficult if the German culture were to inhibit the government or private agencies from accepting cultural diffusion and garnering a sense of understanding towards other beliefs besides the mainstream German ones. So therefore, I believe the relationship of culture, communication, and Global Health is intertwined for the better as these three aspects can only increase the positive effects of global efforts and new international relationships to benefit our world rather than a single country.