Conclusion: Intercultural Communication and Global Health Experiences

Authored By:

Essien T.

My time in Berlin has been fantastic! I have seen so many different sights and learned about a variety of cultures. Through navigating a new city, I have become more independent, confident, and open minded. Going overseas with a group of peers has been an amazing experience. Learning about intercultural communications in a another country provides me with real life examples to what we are learning about in class. All of the excursions we had added to the value of the lessons. One trip that I felt was important was the German Red Cross visit.

Seeing the German Red Cross made me understand the ways that global public health can be executed. The international Red Cross organization works to provide relief to others. Most countries have their own Red Cross or Red Crescent organization. They assist countries who ASK for help. 

The intercultural communication comes in when they go to different places for assistance. Before going to another country workers, first take classes about understanding other cultures. This is very important in creating a warm environment as well as keeping safe. They then stay in the country to help the inhabitants become self sustaining so the do not rely on the Red Cross. The use of cross and crescent recognizes the differences in religions in the world. Intercultural communication is vital in this process.