Agra, The City of Love

Authored By:

Kelsey E.

I ventured out this weekend to Agra with my friend Lucy, where we saw some awe inspiring sites... the Agra Fort, the Baby Taj, the leftover remains from where the Black Taj was meant to reside and finally the astonishing Taj Mahal itself.
Agra was immensely hotter than Mumbai, this is where I have been stationed for my 6 week internship with HEED India, so I sure did pick up a sweat in Agra's fierce climate!!
But all in all, there is no way you can come to India without venturing to Agra to see the Taj, so the heat soon fled from my mind.

I have captured some special moments and picturesque scenery that I doubt I will create or find anywhere else, I am grateful for these memories and I shall cherish them eternally.
We contemplated whether it was worth getting a tour guide, but we are so glad we did acquire one, it made the trip seamless and we heard some fantastic stories as well as the History behind each site.

We also got introduced to the long line of lineage that crafts and cares for the Taj Mahal on a weekly basis. We got to see the skill, patience and precision required to create some of the pieces that make up the magnificent architecture that still stands today. 

Last weekend we also popped over to Goa, it has such lush landscapes and space for days! An utter contrast to the hustle and bustle of the mighty Mumbai City.
It was a real treat to spend some time on the sand and walk carefree amongst the waves with dear friends.

Both trips have been well worth it. So if you are ever in India, take the time to check out Goa and Agra, two very different places but two very impressionable places!