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In 2020-2021, CIEE partnered with U.S. institutions to develop and deliver unique, cohort-based semester programs in cities around the world.  Supporting more than 2,000 students, these customized experiences, unique to each institution and their students, allowed schools to retain students and revenue, introduce students to their US campus culture and curriculum, and begin building school affinity all while overseas.  As the leading non-profit in international education and exchange, CIEE has the global network and expertise to provide the highest quality cohort-based programming anywhere in the world.  Whatever the unique circumstances at your institution, CIEE has a solution:

  • Cohort-based, school-branded programs in global hubs like Berlin, Seoul, and more
  • a broad spectrum of flexible academic program models to align with your institution’s needs
  • rigorous academic oversight for both on-site and online courses and co-curriculars
  • a robust living and learning environment with diverse extra-curriculars and student-services 
  • industry-leading health and safety and risk management protocols for all students

Keep your students enrolled, engaged, and on track with CIEE. 


Program Management

CIEE has the experience and infrastructure to support a wide range of academic, student life, and health and safety services at our international study centers.

Academics & Student Life

  • Courses on-site or online
  • Classrooms
  • Local faculty recruitment
  • Program design
  • Orientation
  • Housing
  • Excursions
  • Student Activities and Support

Health, Safety & Security

  • Program design and delivery aligns with COVID-19 best practices and local conditions
  • Industry leader in global Health, Safety and Security (HSS)


  • Over 70 years’ experience delivering academic programs in 30+ global locations
  • Supports over 50,000 participants annually
  • Experience delivering semester-long international student programs at the first-year level and above – including graduate students
  • Flexible and custom options provide your students with an "American-style" classroom and student life experience

2021 Academic Year Partner Programs

  • 3

    Global Locations

    Customized programs implemented in Shanghai, Seoul, and Legon

  • 10

    Partner Schools

    Including Tulane, Babson, Penn State, MCPHS and Syracuse

  • 2,000

    International Student Enrollments

    With students spanning 8 countries

Custom Program Options

CIEE offers hybrid, flipped, modified, and graduate custom program models. We also offer program models for institutions with lower levels of international student enrollment.  Learn more >

  • Academics

    • CIEE Courses
    • Your Courses
    • Taught by CIEE Faculty
    • In-Person, Hybrid, or Online Delivery

    • First-year students
    • Upper-level students
    • Graduate students

    • Extra-Curriculars
    • Student Support and Advising
    • Tutoring
    • Workshops and Speakers
    • Housing Optional

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