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Public Health in Cuba, December 2017

WHO: Deidre Orriola, faculty leader for University of South Florida, U.S. and University of Exeter, UK.

WHAT: Created a cross-cultural, cross-disciplinary faculty-led program to study the Cuban health care system.

BIG MOMENT: “Watching students forming organic, real relationships with one another. Of course, the UK and US are culturally similar, and one would expect the group to get along well, but the reality is that cohesion cannot be forced upon them and we tend to stick with what is familiar.”

BIG TAKE AWAY: “Learning can still happen during down time. As an example, students spend two days in the mountains, a forest that is a UNESCO World Heritage site. While they are there, they learn about environmental health, the relationship between the environment and wellbeing, and the role of conservationists in preserving the natural history of the land and how that impacts human health and global sustainability. These are lessons they will one day take back to their future as health professionals, policy makers, and educators. And they don’t even realize that we are bringing them there to learn. They think they’re just going on a scheduled break from the city.”

BIG BENEFIT: “Including a mix of cultural activities, free time, and didactic content in a short time frame allows many students who otherwise would not be able, to access this high impact practice.”

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What People are Saying

  • “Excellent academic program; excellent administrative and on-site support. This is my 4th study abroad, but my 1st with CIEE, the superior quality of this trip from an academic, logistical, and support standpoint, was outstanding.” 

    Flagler College faculty, Havana
  • “This was an incredible experience.  You are completely immersed in everything: the culture, the industry, marketing, teamwork.  It's just something the classroom on its own can't deliver.” 

    Portland State University student, Brussels
  • “CIEE is great about being responsive to the needs of our group and the course content.  The courses I've had CIEE help me with wouldn't be as successful if done any other way.” 

    Linfield College faculty, Paris