Study Abroad Scholarship and Grant Deadlines

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CIEE is passionate about increasing access to study abroad. We are committed to breaking down barriers of cost, curriculum, and culture that can prevent participation by students traditionally underrepresented in study abroad programs.  Below are some scholarship and grant opportunities to help diverse or economically challenged students study abroad:

Frederick Douglass Global Fellowship and Frederick Douglass Scholars: Application Deadline - February 14

  • Each year, CIEE fully funds a summer program on international leadership and social justice for exceptional diverse student leaders determined to lead change in their communities. This year we will fund 16 Fellows, and we hope that one will be from your school.
  • Each year, CIEE provides all Frederick Douglass Global Fellowship applicants with a $1,500 Frederick Douglass Scholars (FDS) Grant to attend any CIEE program in the fall, spring, or summer term. This program has enabled scores of students of color to study abroad, and we hope your diverse students will be part of the 2022/23 class.
  • Each year, CIEE seeks to encourage college and university presidents to match the FDS Grant of $1,500. In 2020, we had 54 college presidents embrace this global leadership opportunity. Would your president be interested in matching in 2022? Contact Stacy Benjamin,

CIEE Gilman Go Global Grant: Application Deadlines – March 1 for Gilman; April 1 for CIEE Gilman Go Global 

  • Each year, CIEE provides all Gilman Grant recipients with a CIEE Gilman Go Global Grant to help offset their program costs. Gilman recipients must be students who are economically disadvantaged.
  • Each year, CIEE provides all Gilman Applicants not selected for a Gilman Award with a $2,500 CIEE Gilman Go Global Grant to attend a CIEE program.

GAIN Travel Grant: Application Deadline - April 1

  • Each year, CIEE provides GAIN Travel Grants to economically challenged students to help offset the cost of studying abroad.
  • Each year, CIEE provides Gilman Applicants not selected for a Gilman Award with a GAIN Travel Grant of up to $1,000 (this is in addition to the CIEE Gilman Go Global Grant above.)

Founder’s Grant: Application Deadline – April 1

  • Dublin, Kyoto, Singapore, and Sydney - To celebrate the expansion of CIEE sites that will host our Open Campus Block Programs, we are happy to introduce Founder's Grants, that reduce program fees by $3,750 for three blocks ($1,250 per block) for fall 2022 or spring 2023 Open Campus Block Programs in Dublin, Kyoto, Singapore or Sydney.