Custom Safety Reports Available to Partner Institutions

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Bill Bull

Bill Bull

CIEE is committed to ensuring the health, safety, and well-being of all of its participants and does this through a variety of methods. One of the techniques that we use is to thoroughly track all incidents that occur to better inform us of the realities of the situation at each of our CIEE Centers. We believe that this tracking enables us to quickly update our orientations and provide participants with the best information to prepare themselves to stay safe while studying abroad. 

Because sharing detailed safety information between providers (such as CIEE) and partner universities is crucial to improving student safety, CIEE has created individualized safety reports for each of its partner institutions, and these are updated following each semester. These reports allow universities to provide more detailed information at their internal predeparture orientations. Plus, the reports enable universities to identify study abroad locations that fit within their institution's risk-tolerance. These custom safety reports can be shared with our partner institutions upon their request to their Institutional Relations representative.  

Members of CIEE’s Institutional Relations team, as well as our CIEE Health, Safety, & Security team, are happy to discuss your findings with you should you have any questions or concerns as we all are vested in working together to ensure that your students have the best possible study abroad experience. We can also be reached at 1-800-40-STUDY.

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