CIEE Celebrates Addition of Copenhagen to their Global Institute Network

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Yesterday, CIEE held an opening reception to celebrate the launch of their Global Institute in Copenhagen. With modern classrooms, a student lounge, and a space for cultural and academic events, CIEE’s new 6,878 sq. ft  (639m2) facility designed by Danielsen Space and located in Copenhagen’s city center represents the perfect home base for CIEE students studying abroad in Denmark’s capital.

Copenhagen’s focus on innovation and sustainability, its exceptional universities, and rich design culture make it an ideal location for students who wish to study abroad in a culturally rich and environmentally friendly city. From the Global Institute – Copenhagen, students can easily access all that the city of two million has to offer via the efficient and clean public transportation system, or, like millions of Danish commuters, they can use a bicycle to get around. In 2017, Copenhagen recorded more bicycle than automobile traffic!

Plus, Copenhagen is a good jumping off point for the cultural excursions and multi-day study tours that are an integral part of all CIEE programs. Students at the Global Institute - Copenhagen might, for example, visit the Skype offices in Tallinn, Estonia, or the Spice Museum in Hamburg, Germany, as part of specially designed co-curricular activities that complement the program’s academics and enhance students’ cultural immersion.

Copenhagen joins Berlin, Buenos Aires, Cape Town, London, Madrid, Yucatán, Monteverde, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Rome, and Santiago as part of CIEE’s Global Institute Network, where CIEE’s innovative, Open Campus Block Programs are offered. In addition to the new Copenhagen location, CIEE will begin offering Open Campus Block Programs at its two new Global Institutes in Shanghai and Sydney in spring 2020.

Designed to overcome the barriers of cost, curriculum, and culture that can prevent students from participating in study abroad, CIEE’s Open Campus Block Programs break down the basic components of learning into flexible, six-week blocks so students and faculty can combine academic units in a manner that serves today’s educational needs. Students can enroll in one, two, or three six-week academic blocks in a single location, or combine blocks at multiple locations within CIEE’s Global Institute Network for a comparative learning experience.

“The modular, customizable nature of this new approach to international education has been effective in democratizing study abroad,” said James P. Pellow, President and CEO of CIEE. “We’ve found this model increases and diversifies access by opening doors to international study for students from all socio-economic backgrounds and all academic disciplines.”

Courses at CIEE’s Global Institute – Copenhagen are taught in English by CIEE faculty drawn from a variety of higher education institutions in Denmark and worldwide. The academic block system allows students to take a range of courses, as well as participate in internships, service learning, or independent research. Students can choose one of six academic tracks: Business; Communications, Journalism, and New Media; Global and Community Health; International Relations and Political Science; Language, Literature, and Culture; or STEM and  Society.

More than a quarter (26 percent) of American students studying abroad are STEM majors and 21 percent are pursuing a degree in fields related to Business & Management, according to Open Doors data. In response to demand from students for coursework in these disciplines that will enable them to fulfill academic requirements while gaining a global perspective, our Open Campus Block Programs in Copenhagen and around the globe offer students 6-week courses – some with a 4-credit lab component – in science, technology, engineering, math, and psychology, as well as business courses, including strategic management, international finance, and business ethics and leadership.

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