CIEE Celebrates 70 Years with Scholarships to Help More Students Study Abroad

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The benefits of a global learning experience are well-known today: students earn higher grades, are more likely to graduate from college, and are viewed to be more employable following graduation. Yet only 3% of U.S. college students study abroad each year. That leaves millions more who are missing out on the experience. What’s stopping them from studying abroad? It’s no surprise that for many, the reason comes down to costs. Between program fees, airfare and other travel costs, and daily living expenses, too many students believe studying abroad is out of reach financially.

For students who study abroad with CIEE, the experience is more attainable than they think. That’s because as the oldest and largest study abroad provider in the U.S., CIEE has made it our mission for the past 70 years to help every student who wants to study abroad have access to this life-changing experience. Why? Because we understand the importance of an international experience – for the students who take part, as well as for promoting public diplomacy and building bridges between people and nations.

“Educational exchange can turn nations into people, contributing as no other form of communication can to the humanizing of international relations.”
- Senator J. William Fulbright, 1994

Since CIEE’s first student travelers boarded C-4 Troop ships to Europe in the summer of 1947, we’ve provided global learning experiences to more than 2 million people from across the globe – including 10,000 American college students each year.

But 10,000 students aren’t enough. CIEE awards more than $5 million in scholarships and grants annually to break through the cost barrier that far too many students see as unbreakable.

To mark our 70th year of bringing people together around the world, we’re awarding even more scholarships, grants, and discounts to ensure every student who wants to study abroad, can.

  • $5,000 Open Campus Grants: To celebrate 70 years of innovative programming, CIEE is awarding $5,000 Open Campus Grants to 280 students to spend a full semester at one our Global Institutes in Berlin, London, Paris, and Rome this fall (70 grants per location).
  • GAIN Grants: CIEE is also awarding grants of up to $2,000 each to 700 Pell-eligible students to help cover their travel costs.

CIEE offers many other scholarships, grants, and discounts to help every student – no matter their background or field of study – take part in the study abroad experience that’s right for them.

  • For Pell-eligible students: Applicants of the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship can apply for CIEE Gilman Go Global Grants, $1,500 toward airfare plus $2,500 (semester) or $1,000 (summer) off program costs.
  • For high-achieving students: For students at the top of their academic studies, CIEE offers six different types of merit-based scholarships. These awards honor our future leaders and provide funding for specific programs and areas of study.
  • For students at minority-serving institutions: CIEE has partnered with the Penn Center for Minority Serving Institutions to cover 100 percent of program fees and travel costs for 10 students from minority-serving institutions (MSIs) to take part in a four-week study abroad program each year.
  • For summer students: Students who enroll in more than one four-week session receive a 20% discount off each additional session.

Plus, CIEE’s Passport Caravan is traveling to college campuses across the country to give away thousands of passports to help more students study abroad. View photos from Passport Caravan events on our Facebook page.

Explore the full list of CIEE’s scholarship and grant opportunities. And for more ideas for funding the study abroad experience, visit our Resources page.

Students who are ready to get started: Speak to a CIEE Study Abroad Advisor today.

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