CIEE and AAIDN Announce the 2024 Douglass-O'Connell Global Interns

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The Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) and the African American Irish Diaspora Network (AAIDN) are pleased to announce the 2024 Douglass-O’Connell Global Interns, 15 high-achieving students who will participate in an eight-week international internship program combining academic study and real-world work experience in Dublin, Ireland.

The Frederick Douglass-Daniel O’Connell Global Internship Program is a collaboration of Ireland’s Department of Foreign Affairs, the African American Irish Diaspora Network (AAIDN), and the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) designed to honor two iconic leaders in the global movement for freedom, equality, social justice, and economic mobility by preparing students from diverse backgrounds for future and career success.

Over 300 students applied from hundreds of prestigious institutions of higher education, including Ivy League schools, Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), private colleges, and flagship public universities. 

The 2024 Douglass-O’Connell Global Interns are:

  • Arizona State University, Khadidiatou Dieng, Sociology
  • Barnard College, Sofia Rojas, Political Science
  • Barnard College, Victoria Wilson, Economics
  • Benedict College, Heaven Day, Psychology
  • Bentley University, Juan Pablo Briones Lopez, Economics
  • Duke University, Rhiannon Camarillo, Public Policy Analysis
  • Hampton University, Heaven Hymes, History
  • Howard University, Tianni Carson, Health Service Administration
  • Morehouse College, Ke'Aun Dent, Marketing
  • Paul Quinn College, Stephen Carter, History
  • Saint Edward's University, Alison Franks, International Studies
  • Spelman College, Finley Warren, Political Science
  • Stanford University, Cesy Acosta, Political Science
  • University of California-Irvine, Annia Pallares zur Nieden, Journalism
  • Washington State University, Braydon Morgan, Advertising

Leading Change in Study Abroad – “Radical Access”

In addition to supporting the 15 Douglass-O’Connell Global Internships, CIEE will award the 35 semifinalists a $5,000 President’s Merit Grant to participate in a CIEE Global Internships in one of nine international cities during summer 2024. This new $175,000 in grant funding is part of CIEE’s Pledge to Lead Change in Study Abroad, designed to increase access to transformational international experiences for all students from all backgrounds.

About the Frederick Douglass-Daniel O’Connell Global Internship Program

The Frederick Douglass-Daniel O’Connell Global Internship Program is a fully funded scholarship for students from diverse backgrounds to gain practical work experience, develop an international network of professional contacts, and expand their understanding of Irish history and culture. The program is named in celebration of Frederick Douglass’ transformative visit to Ireland in 1845 during which he met and was profoundly influenced by the famous Irish reformer Daniel O’Connell who expanded Frederick’s worldview and commitment to advancing social justice for all. The program will introduce the legacy of both men as life-long leaders of social change, extraordinary communicators, and successful businessmen.

“These students, who will literally be following in the footsteps of Frederick Douglass, will gain an appreciation of the importance of reaching across borders, boundaries, and barriers to bring about positive change in a variety of contexts,” said Dr. Christine Kinealy, author of Frederick Douglass in Ireland: In His Own Words. “Building on the legacies of Douglass and O’Connell, they will learn that we are stronger when we work together." 

Douglass-O’Connell Global Interns are selected from a highly competitive pool of exceptional students and receive full funding for their internship placement, academic coursework, housing, and airfare, as well as a living stipend. 

During their eight weeks in Ireland, the 2024 Douglass-O’Connell Global Interns will intern with a host company that aligns with their skills and career goals, attend lectures on Irish history and culture, and participate in extracurricular and networking activities in Dublin, Cork, and Belfast. 

“The Frederick Douglass-Daniel O’Connell Global Internship program is an important part of our mission to build diverse and inclusive bridges, understanding, and opportunity between Ireland and America,” said AAIDN Founder and Chairman Dennis Brownlee. “We are excited to partner with Ireland’s Department of Foreign Affairs and CIEE to offer this life-changing experience to these dynamic and talented students who will be among our next global leaders.”

Global internships are one of the most impactful study abroad experiences available, allowing students to develop the problem solving, intercultural communication, and self-leadership skills most valued by employers in today’s globally interconnected workplace. Research shows that these critical skills are best developed through real-world work experience where students receive coaching and feedback that promotes such growth. Students who participate in international internships stand out to U.S. employers and build a network of international contacts – personal and professional – that expand and accelerate career paths over the student’s lifetime.

Douglass-O’Connell Global Interns will choose from dozens of rich internship placement opportunities in Ireland, with examples like writing, editing, and publishing articles for one of Ireland’s leading media companies; analyzing data-based trends to optimize urban transportation for a cutting-edge transportation tech startup; or advocating for the human rights of those living in chronic poverty. The interns will grow professionally and contribute to the important work of their host companies as they work alongside Irish colleagues. 

“The program will inspire young professionals to draw inspiration from the lives of Douglass and O’Connell, gain wisdom from their immersion in Irish history and culture, and expand their professional networks, all of which will provide advantages when they return to America and continue their academic and professional careers,” said James P. Pellow, Ed.D., President and CEO of CIEE. 

About CIEE’s “Radical Access” Initiative 

The Douglass-O’Connell Global Internship (formerly known as the Frederick Douglass Global Fellowship) was launched in 2017 as part of CIEE’s commitment to increasing access to study abroad by students in underrepresented groups. Today, it serves as the cornerstone of a broader effort to lead change in the field of international education by providing “Radical Access” to hundreds of students who might not otherwise have the chance to study or work abroad.

The 15 Douglass-O’Connell Global Interns will be awarded a full scholarship for a summer global internship program in Dublin, plus a $2,500 living stipend. In addition, CIEE will provide two additional grants to applicants so that more students can participate in global internships and develop the real-world work experience and personal networks that are highly correlated with future career success and economic mobility. 

The 35 semifinalists for the Douglass–O’Connell Global Internship will be awarded a $5,000 President’s Merit Grant that can be applied to a 2024 or 2025 CIEE Summer Global Internship in nine different international cities, including Dublin, Prague, Rome, Lisbon, Monteverde, Santiago (CH), Amman, Cape Town, and Sydney. 

The 250 other students who applied for the 2024 Douglass-O’Connell Global Internship (those not selected for the program or as semifinalists) will be awarded a $1,500 Douglass-O'Connell Scholars Grant that can be applied towards any of CIEE’s 20+ Summer Global Internship programs in 2024 or 2025. 

In total, CIEE has committed $700,000 in financial aid to support access to an international internship for ALL 2024 Douglass-O’Connell Global Internship applicants. 

“As part of our pledge to lead change in study abroad, CIEE has committed to dramatically increasing access to transformational international experiences for all students from all backgrounds,” said Dr. Pellow. “It is fitting that we’re kicking off our “Radical Access” Initiative by providing financial support that will help a significant number of the stellar students who applied for the Douglass-O’Connell Global Internship make their dream of an international internship a reality.”

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