Celebrating the 25th Anniversaries of CIEE Brussels & CIEE Legon

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In 2019, CIEE celebrated the 25th Anniversary of our centers in Brussels, Belgium, and Legon, Ghana. Since 1994, CIEE has welcomed study abroad students to these locations and provided support as they experienced living and learning in a new culture.

Happy 25th Anniversary CIEE Brussels!

In October, CIEE Brussels celebrated their anniversary with staff, students, and other honored guests.

The celebration began with lots of mingling, finger foods in hand and everyone in awe of the cupcake tower!

CIEE staff and representatives of host universities gave speeches throughout the event. The program also featured a French poetry reading and a jazz band performance. The presentation concluded with a raffle and some lucky winners took home personalized anniversary mugs and t-shirts.

A fantastic celebration to acknowledge 25 years!

Happy 25th Anniversary CIEE Legon!

CIEE Legon began their anniversary activities by making a donation of items to ‘The Community Hospital,’ one of the health facilities where CIEE students intern. 

The main event started with an address from the Director of CIEE Legon, Dr. Kwasi Gyasi-Gyamerah, followed by presentations from honored guests, including students, staff, educators, internship organizations, and host families.

The reception concluded with lots of music, food, and traditional dancing!

Congratulations to CIEE Legon for 25 years! 

If you have memories to share, email alehner@ciee.org or use a hashtag #cieebrussels25 or #cieelegon25 on social media!

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