Berlin Global Institute Welcomes Bison STEM Scholars

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By Keshia Abraham 

CIEE's Berlin Global Institute was pleased to host the second cohort of Bison STEM Scholars from Howard University for a two-week stay this summer. The Bison STEM program is designed to attract and prepare high-achieving high school students who are required to ultimately pursue a PhD or MD/PhD. 

This second cohort of Bison STEM Scholars, all incoming freshmen, participated in a seminar on intercultural communication and global public health. Along with class exercises, students went on excursions around Berlin, including visits to Technical University, Sachenhausen, and the Robert Koch Iinstitute. CIEE was so pleased for the opportunity to help these curious and engaged student gain a global perspective at the very start of their college experience.

“I think that in the world that these young people will work in, increasingly they will find themselves working collaboratively with others around the world,” said Ron H. Smith, Director of the Bison STEM Scholars Program. “Helping them to understand that it is likely their future and helping them to see how it happens and the value of these relationships in the scientific community is key. This is also why I think that the intercultural communication will be important.”

Read some reflections from the outstanding students on the program blog.

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