Analysis of Academic Outcomes Helps CIEE Maximize Student Learning

Authored by:
Alexandra Wood

To ensure all CIEE study abroad programs are academically rigorous and best support student learning, twice a year we take a detailed look at the student academic experience. We analyze course enrollments, student feedback, GPA and grade distribution, intercultural competency, online learning engagement, and more.  The Academic Affairs team recently completed CIEE’s second Academic Outcomes Annual Report in which we investigated regional and subject matter trends and dove deep into the data to identify our strongest programs and models in terms of academics. Insights gleaned in the Academic Outcomes report inform our efforts to maximize student learning across all CIEE study abroad programs.

The most recent report yielded some interesting insights, including:

  • Language of instruction continues to trend towards English-taught courses.
  • At the same time, language learning classes remain popular, suggesting that relaxing program language requirements does not necessarily deter students from opting to study language alongside content courses in English.
  • The Intercultural Communication and Leadership course (ICL) continues to gain popularity as the top enrolled course worldwide.
  • Internships now hold two of the Top 10 spots for most popular courses.
  • Registrations by Open Campus academic tracks align with student majors to a significant degree.
  • Course Evaluation analysis indicates that by applying consistent academic expectations, standards, and policies across all CIEE programs, we see similar outcomes for six-week Open Campus block and short-term Summer/January courses as traditional 12+ week courses.

If you are interested in learning more about the findings of our Academic Outcomes report, please contact your Manager of Institutional Relations who could coordinate an opportunity for us to discuss the results in detail.

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