2019 Frederick Douglass Global Fellowship Application Deadline Extended

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 The application process for the Frederick Douglass Global Fellowship program has been changed to enable more students from Minority Serving Institutions to apply to the fully funded four-week summer 2019 program in Rio de Janeiro.

In response to overwhelming feedback from schools and students who asked for more time to complete the application and obtain the endorsement of their college president, we have moved the annual deadline for Frederick Douglass Global Fellowship applications to February 14, which is Frederick Douglass’ adopted birthday. This will allow eligible students – current freshmen and sophomores – to use the fall term to complete their applications. We will also now allow nominations from any member of senior leadership at a student's academic institution (president/chancellor, provost, vice president, dean or faculty).

As you know, the Frederick Douglas Global Fellowship (FDGF) program is a product of a partnership between CIEE and the PENN Center for Minority Serving Institutions (CMSI) established to create an opportunity for outstanding, underrepresented students to participate in an intensive leadership and intercultural study abroad experience. 

We continue to receive amazing stories and feedback from students who attended the most recent Frederick Douglass Global Fellowship program held at CIEE’s Global Institute in Cape Town this summer. After reflecting on the positive experiences shared by this cohort of extraordinary students, we thought it imperative an even broader and deeper pool of potential students apply for the 2019 program.

The goals of the Frederick Douglass Global Fellows program are to:

  1. Help ethnically and economically diverse students overcome the cost, curriculum, and cultural barriers to studying abroad
  2. Establish a prestigious study abroad fellowship for diverse students with high leadership potential to advance a new generation of globally aware students, infused with intercultural communication and leadership skills inspired by the iconic image and life story of Frederick Douglass
  3. Provide research opportunities on the impact of a carefully crafted international experience for diverse students

The Frederick Douglass Global Fellowship covers all program fees and travel costs for ten students from Minority Serving Institutions – chosen based on a combination of financial need, high academic achievement, communication skills, and service to others – to participate in an experiential education program designed to provide a global perspective and strengthen the leadership skills of each participant. Frederick Douglass Global Fellows commit to sharing their experience and intercultural growth with peers and classmates.

Ten scholarships are awarded annually. Applicants must attend a Minority Serving Institution, be Pell Grant eligible, have a minimum GPA of 3.00, and submit as part of their application a letter of nomination from a senior-level administrator of their academic institution (faculty, dean or higher).

We will announce the Fellows at the Annual Forum for Study Abroad Conference in March 2019. For more information about the Frederick Douglass Global Fellowship program and the application process, please visit ciee.org/fdgf.