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Living on a Sustainable Campus

By Julian R.

One of the main these of the Global Insititute is environmental sustainability therefore there are many opportunities to participate in activities that support sustainability. My school schedule didn’t suit the... keep reading

What You Really Learn On High School Away

By High School Away

One of our past participants said it best: “In the US I was making school my life; here, I am making school a part of my life.” The High School... keep reading

My Daily Routine on High School Away

By Julian R.

I’m a morning person so I start my day off at 6:00 and take a cold shower to really wake myself up. I then finish any homework if I hadn’t... keep reading

What A Typical Week Looks Like on High School Away

By High School Away

The most common question I get from students and parents prior to departure is “what will my day to day actually look like on program?” Even before coming on the... keep reading

Making Friends On High School Away

By Julian R.

I’ve never been good at meeting new people and making new friends. I don’t like putting myself out there and being vulnerable, especially in large groups. I tend to be... keep reading

How To Form “The Bubble” At The CIEE Global Institute

By High School Away

I had no idea what “bubble formation” meant when I agreed to attend The High School Away program in Monteverde, Costa Rica. The safety pre-cautions we were urged to take... keep reading

Traveling Abroad Safely During A Pandemic

By High School Away

During our pre-departure meeting, our Director of Programs of Program Management Laragh Kavanaugh warned parents: “Travel is inherently stressful. But traveling during a pandemic is another level of stress.” For... keep reading

Thanksgiving Break

By High School Away

A couple of months ago we had no idea what thanksgiving will look like at the CIEE Global Institute Monteverde due to the pandemic; but thanks to a brave group... keep reading

High School Away Block III First Week

By High School Away

The Block III for the program High School Away in Monteverde Costa Rica has completed the first week of the program. During this first week, the students get to know... keep reading

Socializing during COVID times

By High School Away

Socializing during Covid times has been really hard for people around the world. The lockdown as one of the measurements to reduce the spread of the virus has created a... keep reading

Spying on the cloud forest

By High School Away

During their stay at the CIEE Global Institute in Monteverde, Costa Rica, High School Away participants get to engage actively on an optional local research project. The CIEE Academic Director... keep reading

CIEE High School Away: Monteverde Week 1

By High School Away

Hi, my name is Naomi Nahmias and I’m a junior doing a month abroad in Monteverde, Costa Rica. This first week alone has been absolutely mind-blowing. To begin with, even... keep reading

High School Away Has Started!

By High School Away

The program High School Away has started at our CIEE Global Institute in Monteverde. Brave high school students left their comfort at home and started this new adventure in the... keep reading