CIEE High School Away: Monteverde Week 1

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Hi, my name is Naomi Nahmias and I’m a junior doing a month abroad in Monteverde, Costa Rica. This first week alone has been absolutely mind-blowing.

To begin with, even before arriving, there was a lot of support and communication from everyone on staff which made the arrival here smoother. Secondly, the staff works hard to make sure we have fun opportunities (based on the group’s interest) built around our online school schedules; this includes exploratory hikes, trips to the farm and henhouse, and community events. On our fourth day here, we were taken to the farm for the first time and I, personally, fell in love with the animals. It has now become possible for me to fit milking the cows into my everyday schedule, along with whatever else is planned.

We also have many opportunities to learn about new animals or species in the area by going on hikes with our binoculars. One of my favorite evening events was when we all gathered in the library picking an instrument of choice (or using our voices) and spent about an hour playing and learning songs together.

Lastly, due to all of the Covid-related safety precautions that have been implemented, I feel very safe being out here in our small bubble.


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