My Daily Routine on High School Away

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Julian R.

I’m a morning person so I start my day off at 6:00 and take a cold shower to really wake myself up. I then finish any homework if I hadn’t finished it the night before and at 7:00 school starts. I have 7 periods a day each period being 45 minutes long on full days. I like to sit outside in the hammocks during class, usually with other students where we just hang out, do school work and ask each other for help if it’s needed. After school ends at 1:20 I sit at the hammocks and play cards and board games with the other students who are finished with school and wait for everyone else to because my school day is over before most of the other students. Around 2 everyone is done and we all just go and play sports, watch a movie, or go hang out in someone's room up until dinner at 6:00. After dinner I usually go to the rec room, play foosball and then watch a movie which is probably my favorite part of the day. Once curfew comes around at 10:00 is when I start my homework because doing it earlier would mean I would miss out on activities or just hanging out with everybody. I finish my homework around 11:30 and then go to sleep. I would say it’s definitely easier to get work done at home however it is so much more interesting here. While sitting on the porch during class a coati will walk straight up on the porch and sit right next to you.

View from the walk to the San Luis River

Over the weekend, we got to walk to the San Luis river and swim and explore the rocks near the water. This was my favorite activity so far. The views were incredible and I had so much fun getting to swim and hangout with evyerone in the water. 

Donovan, Tai and I swiming at the San Luis river


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