Living on a Sustainable Campus

Authored By:

Julian R.

One of the main these of the Global Insititute is environmental sustainability therefore there are many opportunities to participate in activities that support sustainability. My school schedule didn’t suit the times of said activities but I was able to make a few and I enjoyed them. The composting starts at 9 so first we would meet up with Giovanni and Moncho at reception and then would walk over to the composting station. On the way there  we met up with Marlon; the person who takes care of the farm animals and a lot of the gardening.

We then fill buckets with all of the leftover food from the past few days and proceed to pour them all into a large tub. Next we grab shovels and smash all of the food into a mush and begin making layers of leaves,  mush, and then manure, creating a compost cake. This process is then repeated a few times and when the cake has enough layers it is sprayed with water to keep it moist and around 38°C.  After four days it should be good to be used in the garden to grow vegetables. This whole process makes sure that no food goes to waste and that all resources are used. This week we also went on a hike up to the El Tigre waterfalls which were absolutely beautiful. The scenery was awesome and afterwards we cooled off by swimming in one of the waterfalls. To get back up the steep hills on the way back we rode horses, it was so much fun even though my horse was a jerk and kept cutting in front of everyone.

Photo for blog post Living on a Sustainable Campus