Thanksgiving Break

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High School Away

A couple of months ago we had no idea what thanksgiving will look like at the CIEE Global Institute Monteverde due to the pandemic; but thanks to a brave group of high school students, who leave the comfort of their homes and came to the tropical forest, we were able to keep the tradition of the thanksgiving celebration.

Our week started making some decorations to make our dining hall look special for the delicious meal planned to come in a few days. Both students and staff work with different materials to create a very festive environmet. 

But not all was about thanksgiving celebration, taking advantage of the break the students had with their online classes, the students experienced many fun activities going from dance classes, hikes in the forest and visits to beautiful waterfalls, to horse back riding. This was a nice break for the students to re-charge batteries and get ready for two more weeks of online classes and fun in the Cloud Forest of Monteverde.

On thanksgiving day the students started the morning baking cookies for everybody, delicious cookies who were highly appreciated by all around campus. After that they helped decorating the dining hall and getting everything prepared at the kitchen for the amazing dinner at the end of the day. We all sat on a big table and say a few words about what we are thankful about, a common denominator in words of both students and staff was that we are all really thankful about being part of the High School Away program.  The tradicional thanksgiving dinner was delicious and by the end of the night we could assure that both stomachs and heart were full.

Here at the CIEE Monteverde Global Institute we are really thankful for the group of students who decided to be part of the High School Away program and become a family to all of us.