High School Away Block III First Week

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High School Away

The Block III for the program High School Away in Monteverde Costa Rica has completed the first week of the program. During this first week, the students get to know each other and our campus following our COVID smart protocols. The social distancing and wearing a face mask do not prevent our students from having fun; hikes on the campus trails, visits to the the farm, playing music in the library and spending time together are daily events during the bubble formation phase.

After 5 days in the country students and staff forming the bubble got their COVID test , and a day later we got our results. Being all negatives assure us to have a safe bubble in which now we can interact in a stronger social way with each other and do a lot more group actvities, and even visit places outside the campus.  The program got way funnier and now activities include playing sports, board games, eating close to each other during meals, still doing hikes in the forest but without a face mask, and today we got our first trip out of the campus to visit the worldwide famous Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve.

Our COVID smart practices are still in place and the safety and health of our bubble is our priority. The fun times at the Monteverde Global Institute are just beggining and the students will have many more grateful experiences while keep taking their regular online classes.