Socializing during COVID times

Authored By:

High School Away

Socializing during Covid times has been really hard for people around the world. The lockdown as one of the measurements to reduce the spread of the virus has created a distancing between persons and their families and friends. For teenagers the lack of social contact during this time has been really harsh because during this age period is when they finish developing most of the social skills that will be part of their social life and careers.

Our High School Away program created the opportunity for students at this age to mantain and reinforce their social life and skills while studying in the Tropical Cloud Forest of Monteverde, Costa Rica. Once the formation of our COVID free bubble, the students were able to interact not only with people of their own age and culture; but also with the Costa Rican staff who form part of the bubble here.

Hikes to waterfalls and at the Cloud Forest, cooking class with a Costa Rican cook, board games with their new friends, soccer and volleyball games, dance classes, Halloween party, sing alongs, and sunset watching are some of the activities in which students have participated during their time here.  

Students keep taking their regular online classes, but after done with that and homework, they have the opportunity of doing  activities they like and have personal contact with the new friends they have made in the Cloud Forest.