What is the Application Deadline?
Application deadline is April 13, 2018.

How many grants are awarded?
1 Grant will be awarded annually each May.

Where can you run Faculty-Led & Custom Programs?
Locations: CEE currently only offers Faculty-Led & Custom programs in cities where we have an existing CIEE location. Please check our list of sites here.

How can the Grant be used?
The funds from the CIEE Access Grant can be used for anything that will help with student costs. So for example, scholarships for the program fee itself, passport and visa costs, money to help with purchasing flights. The funds are not intended for the faculty to use for him/herself or for indirect program costs.

I already have a program planned, am I eligible?
In order to be eligible for the grant faculty and/or the Study Abroad Office would need to partner with CIEE on the program. The CIEE Faculty-Led and Custom program department offers assistance with all of the onsite logistics, site visits, guest lectures, company visits, co-curricular activities, etc. If you have your own connections and/or specific requests we would of course work to accommodate those, but this grant is for a partnership program with CIEE so it will be required for CIEE to assist fully with the program.

Do I need to submit a budget?
You do not need to submit a budget with your proposal. We will work with you on that. Additional questions please contact Craig Deforest, Lead Manager, Faculty-Led & Custom Programs: cdeforest@ciee.org or (207) 553-4172