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In honor of the 50th Anniversary of Work & Travel USA, CIEE conducted a social media campaign that encouraged Work & Travel USA participants, employers, and alumni to share their memories using the hashtag #CIEEWAT50. An album of 50 photos in celebration of 50 years can be seen here. Below are some of the memories Work & Travel USA alumni shared with us.

Qëndrim Graiçevci, Kosovo

As a young man from a country with limited choices in life, everything in America was new and exciting for me...I started seeing things in a bigger vision and understanding that everything in life is possible.

Jesus Naranjo, Spain

I love my job and I am improving my English so fast because [my workmates and family] try to teach me new words and expressions every time. 

Monica Hududui, Romania

Life as a lifeguard is full of interesting interactions with all kinds of environments. What I find the most wonderful about it are the people. The colleagues, the company. So many times nothing can compare to the laughter at the end of the day...Those are the little joys in life and we enjoy everything we do together.

Sheldon Wong, Malaysia

Working here is about making connection with people. I believe everyone is someone with unique untold stories just waiting for you to discover and unfold. 

Marija Zaric, Montenegro

They say traveling makes you a more tolerant, open-minded person. It removes your prejudices and makes you appreciate the essential similarities that everyone in the world shares. Because of that my favorite part of work and travel program is ending season, TRAVEL. They say that real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes and those are the memories that last forever.

Albarany Araujo Valentãn, Dominican Republic

I was afraid of coming all the way from Dominican Republic to Alaska alone but what I didn't know was that here I had a second family waiting for me. We met each other just two months ago and it've been amazing how alone we get, how much we care about each other, how comfortable is being by their side.

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