Updates from the Academic Consortium Board Meeting

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CIEE's Academic Consortium Board (ACB), which provides oversight for academic quality and new program development, met at the end of March and approved the following new programs: 
  • Dublin Open Campus Block (SP22) 
  • Dublin Global Internship (SP22) 
  • Kyoto Open Campus Block (SP22) 
  • Kyoto Global Internship (SP22) 
  • Virtual Global Internship (SU21) 

CIEE also shared with the ACB these updates to existing programs: 

Updated attendance policy – The current attendance policy, outlined in CIEE’s College Study Abroad Program Terms and Conditions, is that absence for more than 20% of a course results in automatic failure. The new policy (from fall 2021 onward) states that absence of more than 20% will result in a 10% reduction to final grade. This less rigid attendance policy is more consistent with a balance of assessments and variety of learning opportunities, while excessive absences will still trigger academic and wellness checks. 
Legon, Ghana – Because the University of Ghana has announced that it is moving to online course delivery for the foreseeable future, CIEE will add supplemental in-person CIEE-administered courses for students to choose from starting in fall 2021. These include: Twi Language; Intercultural Communication and Leadership; Independent Research; Public Health in Ghana; and History of the Transatlantic Slave Trade. 

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