University of Kentucky Student Studying Abroad in Amman Missing After Swimming Accident in Tel Aviv

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TeNiya Elnora Jones, a University of Kentucky student who was participating in a summer program at CIEE’s study center in Amman, Jordan, is missing following a swimming accident that took place during an independent weekend trip to Tel Aviv, Israel. We are deeply saddened by this devastating event and our most sincere condolences and prayers are with TeNiya’s family, the University of Kentucky community, and all those involved.

The CIEE Health, Safety, and Security team and our team on the ground have been working hand in hand with local authorities, the U.S. Embassy, and the University of Kentucky to support the family and students during this terrible time.

CIEE’s Regional Director of Operations, Janine El Tal, traveled to Tel Aviv to provide support to the other students who were in Tel Aviv. They are safe and returned Monday to Amman, where they were met by a professional counselor to help them process the traumatic event.

Counseling and additional support is being offered to all students on program in Amman in light of this tragic accident. The families of all the students involved in the program have been contacted. The seven-week, custom program, which began in June, is scheduled to be completed this week.

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