Staffing Update


Enda O'Connell
Center Director, Dublin

Enda O’Connell will be joining CIEE on April 29 as the new Director of CIEE Dublin. Enda is currently Principal of the New College Group in Dublin where he oversees and manages educational programs for young adults studying abroad in Ireland. Previously, he worked for Education First in various locations including Beijing, Shanghai, and Madrid as Center Education Manager. Prior to that, he was a primary school teacher. Enda holds a Bachelor’s degree in Primary Education from Dublin City University and the equivalent of a Master’s degree in Teaching from Trinity College Dublin.

Latin America

Carla Leal
Director, Global Institute - Rio de Janeiro

Carla will start at Director of the Global Institute - Rio de Janeiro on May 20. She has 17 years of experience in higher education in the United States, including six years of experience within the field of international education. Carla received her undergraduate degree in Portuguese Language and Literature, from the Universidade Católica do Salvador, and her graduate degree in Higher Education Administration from the University of Rochester, New York, USA where she has worked for 17 years. During her time at the University of Rochester, Carla coordinated exchange programs throughout the world, for both incoming and outgoing students, developed an incoming exchange student orientation program, and implemented a successful peer adviser program. Carla has a passion for languages, cultures, and enjoys teaching Portuguese to speakers of other languages.

Karla Zarco
Director, Global Institute - Yucatán 

Karla joined CIEE as Director of the Global Institute - Yucatán on February 15, 2019. Over the last 12 years, she held various positions at the Netherlands Education Support Office Mexico (Nuffic Neso Mexico), focusing on finance, planning and control, operations, and international education promotion. Prior to that, Karla served for five years at the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Mexico City, where she was mostly involved with public relations and diplomatic assignments. Karla holds an MBA and a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations from Universidad de las Americas.


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