Ping Taylor Fellows Attend Global Inclusion 2022

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The inaugural recipients of the Ping Taylor Professional Fellows Grant, a CIEE and AIFS partnership providing funds for international education conferences, attended Diversity Abroad’s Global Inclusion conference in San Francisco from October 4-7. CIEE and AIFS awarded $2,000 for registration and travel costs to the following professionals:

  • Dr. Monija Amani, Executive Director of Global Education, Muhlenberg College
  • Antonio Ellison II, Assistant Director, Study Abroad Diversity Initiatives, Lehigh University
  • Hope Kroll, Student Success Specialist, Michigan State University
  • Stephanie Lopez, Study Abroad Advisor, Iowa State University
  • Vaughn Thornton, Program and Outreach Specialist Global Engagement, Boston College

Diversity Abroad celebrated its 10th annual conference this year. Attendees participated in hands on sessions and trainings, engaged in critical dialogue, and connected with hundreds of professionals, students and stakeholders committed to increasing access to an international education.

Below are a few reflections from recipients.

“I am incredibly grateful for the contribution CIEE and AIFS have made to the field with the Ping-Taylor grant. Attending Diversity Abroad's Global Inclusion Conference and knowing that there are organizations dedicated to ensuring equity within international education continue to reinvigorate my sense of belonging in the field.”— Vaughn Thornton

“This was my first professional conference and it exceeded all my expectations. Every person I connected with was genuinely warm and welcoming, but we also weren’t afraid to have tough conversations and embrace the brave space we created together. I learned to identify non-inclusive language that permeates everyday conversation, how to build resources for and support students with diverse identities, how to support and uplift others in the field while looking after my own mental health, how to implement new strategies that get students to think critically before they study abroad, and so much more that I’m excited to share with my team and campus. I ultimately left the conference feeling energized and empowered; I took a realistic account of what I’d like to improve in my own practices and those of my institution, and built a network of people with whom I look forward to continuing to collaborate.— Stephanie Lopez

“The Diversity Abroad Global Inclusion Conference gave me a much-needed opportunity to slow down, connect, reflect, and learn. I left with a greater awareness of inclusive language, how to support and build resources for students with diverse identities, and ideas for how to find partners on my campus that can help challenge inequitable systems. I’m energized and inspired and can’t wait to share what I learned with my team!—Hope Kroll


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