Join CIEE in Supporting Morocco Earthquake Relief Efforts

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CIEE’s global family offers our profound condolences to the people of Morocco in the wake of the devastating earthquake that struck near Marrakesh on Friday night. Our hearts are with the grieving families who lost loved ones and with all who have been displaced. We wish a speedy recovery to all who were injured and healing for all affected by this tragic event.

CIEE’s Rabat, Morocco Center staff are particularly grieving the loss of life and hardship. For decades, our Rabat staff have supported college and high school programs that introduce Americans to the loving people and rich history and culture of Morocco. The Marrakesh region is a regular study tour excursion that students experience and over the years there have been hundreds of lifelong friendships developed between young Americans and Moroccan families.  Moreover, CIEE has helped scores of Moroccans live and learn in America through the BridgeUSA program. 

The CIEE Rabat team has received an outpouring of support and offers to help from our college and high school partners, alumni, and current students. We’re most grateful for all your support.

CIEE Donation to Help

To help the many families in need in Morrocco, many of whom are well known to CIEE Rabat staff, CIEE has donated $10,000 to the High Atlas Foundation, a Moroccan association and a U.S. nonprofit that has worked in the affected communities for two decades and is working to provide immediate support for food, clothing, and shelter. 

Opportunity for You to Help

In addition, to provide a simple way for our CIEE global family to also contribute to the relief efforts of the High Atlas Foundation, CIEE has created a fundraising page on Global Giving. For every dollar donated through this page, CIEE will provide an additional donation match, up to $10,000. We hope this additional financial commitment with help provide at least another 20k to our friends and neighbors in Morocco.