Congratulations 2019 Frederick Douglass Global Fellows!

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Photo for blog post Congratulations 2019 Frederick Douglass Global Fellows!

By Keshia Abraham 

Congratulations to the newest cohort of talented young leaders who make up the Frederick Douglass Global Fellows class of 2019! Selecting the class of ten scholars out of the nearly four hundred people who applied this year was no easy feat!

The 2019 Fellows, who will be studying intercultural communication and leadership at CIEE's Global Institute - London for four weeks this summer, all demonstrated keen intellect, important life goals, a willingness to use their platforms to inspire others to achieve success, and a strong desire to study abroad. They represent a wide range of Minority Serving Institutions from all across the United States. From public and private, northern and southern, east coast and west coast, small and large schools, this program truly represent the diversity of US higher education. Each of our Fellows is pursuing a different academic major thus within this group are future leaders in legal studies, political science, public health, business, media arts, ethnic studies and rehabilitation sciences. 

At CIEE we want to encourage all interested students to pursue their dream of studying abroad, so we’ve offered $1500 grants to all of the students who applied for the Frederick Douglass Global Fellowship. In addition to the $1500 grant, sixteen college presidents have also created $1500 matching grants for each of their students. Thanks to these efforts, we anticipate more students from diverse backgrounds to study abroad with CIEE this summer than ever before.