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Behind everything we do at CIEE is our core commitment to make study abroad more accessible and affordable to students. Here are three exciting updates regarding pricing for CIEE programs in 2020.

Fly Free to ALL Latin America and Caribbean Programs
All CIEE students on semester or quarter-length Latin America and Caribbean programs will receive a Flight Voucher worth up to $1,000 to cover airfare costs to and from their program. In addition, all programs in Latin America and the Caribbean will remain at the same price for 2020. This ensures all students can take advantage of studying in a region marked by rich cultures, diverse economies, deep history, and united by Spanish and Portuguese languages. ¡Vamos!

Summer 2020 Programs
Pricing for all 4-week programs will remain unchanged in 2020 and 8-week programs will either remain flat or see a 1% increase. In addition, we will continue to offer a 20% program discount to all students who enroll in more than one 4-week summer session. Summer Global Internship programs will increase a modest $500. Full and part-time internship opportunities are available across academic areas in 17 incredible cities!

Fall 2020 Programs
Our prices for fall programs remain competitive with nearly 50 programs remaining flat with 2019 pricing. This includes our renowned traditional programs as well as our innovative Open Campus Block Programs which fit both semester and quarter schedule!

CIEE’s commitment to increase access to study abroad is underscored by our best-in-class scholarship and grant offerings.  Last year, we awarded more than $8 million to help students study abroad. Many scholarships and grants are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis – please encourage your students to apply early.

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