CIEE Hosts Inaugural Global Internship Industry Partner Awards

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Today, the inaugural CIEE Global Internship Industry Partner Awards ceremony was held at the 12th Annual CIEE Global Internship Conference. The awards celebrate the dedication and impact of CIEE’s esteemed internship host partners, honoring their commitment to nurturing the next generation of global professionals.  

Hundreds of CIEE internship alumni and dozens of staff nominated host organizations for an award, resulting in 126 nominees across three categories: Outstanding Commitment to Student Development, Outstanding Commitment to Advancing Global Perspectives at Work, and Outstanding Commitment to Global Partnership. 

Outstanding Commitment to Student Development 

Nominees in this category stood out for their efforts to provide their interns personalized support and career growth, skill-building projects, cross-department mentorship, inclusion in critical meetings, skill workshops, and tailored learning goals. 

The finalists in this category were: 

The winner was Lafayette Real Estate!  

In his nomination, alum Eytan Rozenblum, shared:  “Lafayette provided me with insightful training with dedicated time from employees at all levels (from analysts to executives). During initial training, this helped me to quickly grasp the requirements for day-to-day operations and understand the company's long-run strategy and positioning within its market. Then, the mentorship provided by Lafayette allowed me to continuously grow and correct course to ensure that I got the most out of the experience. This took the form of regular 1-on-1s with analysts, associates, and leadership team members, including the CEO who regularly took time to ensure my training went well. This exposure has allowed me to develop my business acumen and bolster my strategic understanding of the real estate asset management industry.”  

Outstanding Commitment to Advancing Global Perspectives at Work 

Nominees in this category stood out for their efforts to include interns in collaborative local projects, cross-cultural mentoring, workplace culture, language or cultural exchange, and local projects. 

The finalists in this category were: 

The winner in this category was Fundació per l’Esport i L’Educació de Barcelona (FEEB)

In her nomination, global internship alum Ysairys Jerez, shared: “My internship host and the people I worked with made me feel a part of their team every day that I walked into the workplace. Because my internship was during the summer, I was able to be a part of FEEB's yearly event. Though my internship was over a comparatively short amount of time, they showed me the ropes, no matter how big or small the task was. I was able to use my Spanish skills, as well as learn a little bit of Catalan. I oversaw multiple tracking systems and important documentation, made phone calls to the company’s clientele, attended important meetings in person and virtually, and was also able to visit some of the schools FEEB collaborates with.”  

Outstanding Commitment to Global Partnership 

Nominees in this category stood out for hosting multiple interns annually, providing clear and responsive communication, having active CIEE involvement beyond internships, and providing positive impact as new partners or having a long-standing partnership with CIEE. 

The finalists in this category were: 

The winner was Peregrine Technologies

Before welcoming Dr. Naja von Schmude of Peregrine Technologies to the stage to accept the award, CIEE Internship Program Manager Julia Wittig, who nominated the company in this category, said: "You've truly been invaluable partners these last years. You not only provide great mentorship, a welcoming work culture, and interesting internships opportunities to students from different disciplines, but also show a commitment to welcoming students from underrepresented backgrounds within the tech industry. Your team is reliable, communicative, transparent and always a joy to work with. So thank you and congratulations!"

At the closing of the awards ceremony James P. Pellow, Ed.D., President and CEO of CIEE expressed deep appreciation for all CIEE Global Internship Industry Partners, telling them: Your collaboration is vital in enriching our interns' experiences, broadening their global perspectives, and equipping them with essential professional skills. Thank you!” 

Congratulations to all the award nominees and winners!