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COVID-19 has required CIEE to innovate creative new ways to fulfill our mission of preparing young people to thrive in our interconnected and multicultural world. We’re proud that CIEE High School Away, our new program that allows high school students to complete their online coursework while having an international experience living in the Monteverde cloud forest, was featured last week in the Wall Street Journal.

We are also offering an analogous CIEE College Away program that allows college students to complete their remote coursework from Monteverde, Costa Rica or Dublin, Ireland. CIEE is offering multiple four-week College Away sessions, starting in mid-January and running through mid-May.

Another pivot for CIEE in response to the changing demands during this tumultuous time, is the development of custom programs to help our partner institutions support their international students who are unable to be on campus in the United States.

In addition to our new program models, this spring CiEE has been able to welcome students to study abroad programs in Berlin, Germany; Paris, and Rennes, France; Amman, Jordan; Madrid and Seville, Spain; and Rome, Italy.  In February and March, additional programs are still slated to run, including college study abroad programs in Seoul, South Korea, and Tokyo and Kyoto, Japan.

We expect to operate many programs in many locations in summer and fall 2021, thanks to the vigilant analysis and mitigation of risk factors by staff including our our Health, Safety, and Security team; as well as the painstaking planning efforts of our onsite staff, who are thoroughly prepared to take care of students even in the midst of a pandemic.

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