CIEE Expands Study Abroad Portfolio in Asia-Pacific

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Welcome to week three of CIEE March Madness 2024!

Previously, we announced:

For week three, we announce portfolio expansion in the Asia-Pacific region, including:

  1. New CIEE study abroad locations – We’re opening CIEE Centers in Melbourne, Australia, and Auckland, New Zealand!
  2. New Direct Enrollment partnerships with prestigious universities – We have new host university partnerships for direct enroll programs with Hanyang University, Seoul; University of Sydney, Australia; University of Auckland, New Zealand; and more.
  3. New CIEE programs  – We're adding CIEE Summer Global Internships in Taipei and the CIEE Semester In program in Beijing, Kyoto, Seoul, Singapore, Shanghai, Sydney, and Tokyo.

Learn more about the CIEE Asia-Pacific Portfolio Expansion on our website.

CIEE Portfolio Expansion and Enhancements

Our expanded 2025 Asia-Pacific portfolio offers a selection of programs across ten CIEE Asia-Pacific locations to meet the needs of every student regardless of budget, academic schedule, or academic major. The portfolio includes:

  • Direct Enroll Study Abroad Programs - Through our partnerships with leading universities to offer direct enroll programs, your students have access to thousands of courses in all majors, including high-demand study areas such as engineering, technology, and business. Students learn from leading experts in their fields at host institutions, complemented with CIEE co-curricular activities and excursions that enhance classroom learning and provide intercultural understanding. By studying alongside local students, participants will cultivate cross-cultural understanding and forge connections that last a lifetime.
  • CIEE Semester In Study Abroad Programs – Your students have the flexibility to enroll in CIEE courses or those offered by our local university partner with minimal prerequisites, and no language requirements.
  • CIEE Open Campus Block Study Abroad Programs –  CIEE’s Open Campus Block Study Abroad Network includes 17 locations around the world, including four in the Asia-Pacific region, all offering classes on a universal six-week calendar. This allows students to complete a semester in one location (as nearly three-quarters do) for deep immersion in a single country. Or students can choose a comparative learning experience to compare and contrast cultures or context. CIEE Open Campus programs offer experiential learning for students seeking to combine classwork with an internship or research project, and they are ideal for students from quarter schools with challenging academic calendars.
  • CIEE Summer and J-Term Programs - CIEE will offer 20+ Summer and J-Term programs in the Asia-Pacific region, offering students from all majors and socio-economic backgrounds flexible and affordable study abroad opportunities. 
  • CIEE Summer Global Internship Programs - Eight-week summer internship placements are available in eight Asia-Pacific locations and students can search the online CIEE database of internship placements to find the perfect match for their academic and professional aspirations. 
CIEE Asia-Pacific Study Abroad Portfolio

Arts & Sciences (University of Melbourne)*
Arts & Sciences (Monash University)*
Semester in Melbourne*

Summer in Melbourne
Summer Global Internship 


Arts & Sciences (University of Sydney)
Arts & Sciences (University of New South Wales)
Arts & Sciences Trimester (University of New South Wales)
Semester in Sydney
Open Campus Block
Semester Global Internship

January in Sydney
Summer in Sydney
Summer Global Internship

Greater ChinaBeijing

Advanced Chinese Studies
Intensive Chinese Language
Semester in Beijing

Summer Intensive Chinese Language


Accelerated Chinese Language
Business, Language & Culture
China In a Global Context
Semester in Shanghai
Open Campus Block

Summer Accelerated Chinese Language
Summer Business & Culture
Summer Global Internship


Chinese Language & Asian Studies
Semester in Taipei

January in Taipei
Summer Accelerated Chinese Language
Summer Global Internship


Ancient & Modern Japan
Semester in Kyoto*
Open Campus Block

January in Kyoto
Summer Ancient & Modern Japan


Arts & Sciences 
Semester in Tokyo*

January in Tokyo 
Summer Japanese Studies
Summer Global Internship

New ZealandAuckland

Arts & Sciences  (University of Auckland)
Semester in Auckland*
Open Campus Block (Spring 2026)

Summer in Auckland
​Summer Global Internship


Arts & Sciences 
Semester in Singapore
Open Campus Block
Semester Global Internship

January in Singapore
Summer in Singapore
Summer in Singapore (Singapore Management University)
Summer Global Internship

South KoreaSeoul

Arts & Sciences (Yonsei University)
Arts & Sciences (Hanyang University)
Semester in Seoul
Open Campus Block

January in Seoul
Summer in Seoul
Summer Korean Studies
Summer Global Internship

 Existing Programs, New for Spring or Summer 2025, *New for Fall 2025

Stay tuned as March Madness continues for an announcement regarding CIEE’s strategic investment to increase the number of students studying in Latin America!

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