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Hello CIEE Portland,

A reminder to take advantage of your Day of Service before the end of the year. Use your fully paid, eight hour day to volunteer at an organization of your choice! Below are some organizations that are always looking for volunteers if you would rather plan something on your own to use your CIEE Day of Service. United Way's VolunteerME site is also a great resource for finding volunteer opportunities.

1) Submit a PTO request through ADP and select “Day of Service” as the type of time off requested to get the approval of your manager.      
2) Perform the Day of Service (and be sure to have someone take a photo of you/your group during your service project).
3) Within a week of completing your Day of Service, click here, select add new item, and submit the basic details, a brief reflection, and a photo. 

Eligibility and General Information
· All full-time and part-time regular CIEE employees are eligible for this benefit. Date of hire does not affect your eligibility for this benefit.
· Volunteer time should not conflict with the peak work schedule, other work-related responsibilities, create need for overtime, or cause conflicts with other employees’ schedules. 
· The time away from work is paid at the employee’s regular rate of pay.
· Interested employees must communicate with their manager to discuss and schedule their volunteer time.
· Staff must enter their volunteer request into the time-off system used in their respective country to get manager approval. Approval is at the discretion of the employee’s manager.
· The volunteer activity or service project must be done in conjunction with an organization.
· Use #cieedayofservice and #cieepeople on social media.

Please email Emily Mavodones if you have any questions about the above opportunities or would like to be connected with a volunteer coordinator at one of the organizations we have worked with in the past.

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