5 Million Reasons You Can Study Abroad

CIEE has committed $5 Million in funding for
study abroad this year

It’s no secret, the benefits to studying abroad are enormous. The mere act of traveling to and living in a foreign country forces you out of your comfort zone and challenges you to develop life-long navigational and communication skills. Then there’s the amazing network of international friends and professors. Oh, and don’t forget the gold star it puts on your resume signaling to potential employers that you have cross-cultural experience.

Sadly, only 5% of U.S. students take advantage of the chance to study abroad and the reason most often cited is cost. Yet there are ways to make study abroad affordable for even the most budget constrained student. If you’ve got the itch to study abroad, read on…

  • Apply for grants and scholarships. CIEE is funding five million dollars in scholarships this year. That’s more than any other international educational organization and amounts to around 1,000 scholarships per term. No matter what your financial status, take advantage of the chance to save. CIEE’s Scholarships & Grants application is easy to complete and filling it out could be worth up to $6,500 in study abroad funding.
  • Opt for a short-term program rather than a semester-long one. CIEE has more than 100 short-term programs around the world in a variety of academic disciplines. Choose from three-week January programs starting at just $1,947 (in celebration of our founding in 1947); four-week summer programs for just $3,850; and six-week Open Campus programs for $6,850. Studies show even short-term international experience offers valuable academic, professional, and personal merit.
  • Take the road less traveled. The majority of students studying abroad choose Europe, which also happens to be the most expensive place for international education. But Latin America, Asia, and Africa offer incredibly unique and valuable educational experiences often at significantly reduced costs. With CIEE you can study Liberal Arts in Santiago, Dominican Republic for just $11,850 a semester; Business, Language, and Culture in Shanghai, China for just $15,850; Community Public Health in Gaborone, Botswana for just $16,850. That’s just a few of the many CIEE programs priced way under the average semester tuition at a private college.
  • Live like a local, with a local. Many of CIEE’s study abroad programs offer students the chance to live with a local host family. Do it! Not only will you get in-depth insight into the cultural norms of your chosen destination, but you’ll also enjoy excursions, home-cooked meals, and family activities that are an invaluable part of the immersion experience.

Now you know – it’s possible to make your study abroad dreams come true no matter what budget or time constraints you’re under. With over 220 programs in more than 40 countries, CIEE has a life-changing study abroad experience with your name on it!

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