Cultural Exchange

CIEE Work & Travel USA is all about increasing understanding

You and your staff can learn as much from your visiting employees as they gain from you – that’s what’s great about welcoming international students.

Our students come from many different cultures and backgrounds. Their world is different, their perspective surprising. Bring this into your workplace and you will witness a renewed sense of energy, making it a dynamic and exciting place to be.

Imagine what it must be like for a visiting student to land in a place that’s so different from home, excited to have new adventures and meet new people. They’re so curious, so eager! Imagine also what it’s like for your employees and customers to cross paths with someone like that. This type of interaction has the power to change people. And it pays off over the long term, by creating future leaders who understand and appreciate the value of collaboration, understanding, and empathy.

Make a Difference in the Lives of Your Students

When you bring people together, some things happen naturally. People get to know one another, share stories, and become friends. That’s where real cultural exchange begins. You can make this great experience even better by taking an active role in your students’ lives, both on and off the job.


employees sitting on ledge in national park

Make International Students Feel Welcome

It’s easy to make your new hires feel special. It’s also important, because when your employees are happy at work, your customers notice. Involve them in rewarding projects, and recognize a job well done. Set up a buddy system to encourage interaction with coworkers. Or, get everyone involved in telling stories about their own culture – a question or topic of the day, photos, or a game of international trivia. Need ideas? We’re happy to help!

amman jordan playing soccer abroad

Connect Outside of Work

The little things we take for granted might be new to your students. Organize a softball game or barbeque with the community, have a group outing, or set up a themed potluck so your students can share their own culture. Americans are legendary for being friendly and outgoing. Those unique things that make us American are why the students came to the United States. Help them discover what this country is really all about!

Camp Exchange USA counselor with kids

Be More than a Boss

Take an interest in your students. If you care about them and you show it, they will care about you. CIEE Work & Travel USA also gives you a great opportunity to act as a local American ambassador by making sure that your students go home with a positive impression of America they will share with family and friends.