CIEE Road Show


The CIEE Road Show – a hiring event that allows you to personally interview and select applicants – is well suited for larger employers who hire hundreds of students each season.

At a CIEE Road Show, a job fair like no other, you have the chance to meet with a large pool of enthusiastic students looking to discover America. You also have on-site access to strategic hiring advice from CIEE seasonal employment experts.


Live Road Shows are held in countries all over the world, from Eastern Europe, to Latin America, and Southeast Asia. CIEE takes you where the students are. At home, in their culture, and waiting to meet you.

Portland Virtual Road Shows are held at CIEE headquarters in Portland, Maine, where you interview pre-screened candidates via a videoconference link. These events are just like an international Road Show, except they do not require you to leave the United States. Get the benefit of hiring from a variety of countries in only a few days’ time. A great way to reduce your costs while maintaining high standards.

Whether you choose to travel overseas or come to visit us in Maine, there is a Road Show for you, where and when you need it. To learn more or make a reservation, contact a CIEE International Recruitment Consultant at 1-866-609-CIEE or

CIEE will be holding the following Road Shows:

Winter 2021 Hiring

Master Itinerary

Latin America Road Show: Chile, Argentina, Peru and Costa Rica – JUL 10 – JUL 23

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The Road Show offers multiple points of entry to meet your hiring needs. Some will kick off their travel in Chile (either Concepcion or Santiago) while others will start in the Argentinean cities of Mendoza or historic Cordoba. Buenos Aires, the birthplace of the tango, will be a destination for all. Next, we head to Peru for our job fair in Lima. This city is a curious mix of the modern mega city with colonial architecture in the city center. We will finish our trip in San José, the capital of Costa Rica. Students from Chile, Costa Rica, Peru, and Argentina usually arrive mid-December and stay for about 3 months.


Summer 2020 Hiring

Master Itinerary

Spring/Summer 2020 Hiring