Edlyn's Story

Computer Animation Trainee at JibJab Media, Venice, California

In addition to developing her skill set, Edlyn relished her visits to California's national parks and Comic-Con in San Diego.

The best part of my internship was just meeting so many awesome people in my field of work, having fun and getting inspired by them all. There is an event called 'CTN' that is coming up next weekend that I am very excited for as animators from all over are coming to attend it so that should be fun as well.

The cultural highlight of mine was going to Big Bear Lake and Joshua Tree National Park. It was nice being able to experience Californian nature. A very close second was being able to attend San Diego Comic-Con.

My host company is great – they definitely know how to handle things on the business side, making it easy and hassle-free for me to be here as well as being all-around very welcoming and fun.



The best part of my job placement was learning new skills and developing my old ones while in a creative and fun environment. I definitely love the people I work with!

I would absolutely recommend just going out and exploring as much of LA as possible, since it's so big there's so much to see and eat. Definitely go out to the desert if you have the chance. I will never stop raving about this: Umami Burger has the best burgers I have ever eaten. So if you are in California, you should go.

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