Marie's Story

12 Month Hospitality Internship at the Baltimore Country Club in Baltimore, Maryland

Marie contributed to the hospitality industry, while also experiencing American culture with her new friends.

Sweet summer vacation to Hershey Pennsylvania: beaming with delight in this snapshot of me and my Baltimore Country Club colleagues at Hershey’s Amusement Park in Pennsylvania, USA. It has been a sweet day for the four of us spending a day in Hershey’s Park, the biggest and most popular of all Hershey attraction. By the way, if you love chocolates you are going to love this place! Of course a visit to Hershey isn’t complete without learning about its super famous chocolate so a visit to Chocolate world is a must!


The people in this shot had been the closest buddies I had in my internship journey up to now. I clearly remember the first time we arrived here in US mixed with excitement and anxiety however I could say that it really help a lot that we have each other to enjoy and look forward for things that America wants us to experience. Now, for almost 6 months of stay here in US, I grew up with the time independently speaking and I’m thankful America for inspiring me to become independent and mature where I could make a difference in my own ways and means. America is rife with everyday learnings. We keep on learning. And as we go on with the learning we meet people they become our friends and eventually become part of our life. This is indeed the sweetest experience I had!

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