Svenja's Story

12 Month Training In Audiovisual Media With Saint Cloud in Salt Lake City, Utah

Svenja lived life to the fullest while in Salt Lake City, Utah; taking home important skills and wonderful pictures!

A new country, new city and new people—with [Professional Career Training USA program] it has been and still is way more than only that to me! Combining the fact of getting work experience in a job I am interested in within a new and exciting environment, spending time with local co-workers and new friends that are all pulling together and furthermore becoming a part of the American culture—I am living the real American life and dream right now which is overwhelmingly great and beyond everything I could have ever thought of!

My co-worker and I right away became very good friends so he even asked me to go on a spontaneously day trip a couple weeks ago— a route trip from Los Angeles to the Yosemite National Park in California! No question to me, of course I’d loved to join, so we headed our way up there at 3 a.m. in the morning where I took this amazing photo that couldn’t describe better what this year, my U.S. adventure-year really means to me. Me getting settled, enjoying the view and expanding my horizon! I had to break out of my comfort zone in Germany and of course leaving my family and friends back home wasn’t easy at all, but now I can say it’s been all worth it cause what I am experiencing right now is seriously the best time and is going to add so much to my personal life for sure! I am very grateful and appreciate the chance CIEE provided to make this adventure happen! This photo speaks more than thousand words. Enjoying the moment—every day!

Big thanks to CIEE!

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