For Americans, November brings cooler temperatures, football, elections, and the beginning of the holiday season

Read more in this month’s Culture Guide USA, and make the most of this great month in the United States!

November is Voting Time

Every four years, the U.S. holds an election for the president of the United States. The last president of the U.S. was elected in 2016; the next president will be elected in 2020. Near the midpoint between presidential elections – November, 2018, as it happens – the U.S. holds what are called midterm elections. Up for election during the midterms are the congressmen and congresswomen of the U.S. House of Representatives and roughly a third of senators in the U.S. Senate; together these chambers are referred to as the U.S. Congress – our legislature. Many states also hold elections for their governors during the midterms.

If you see campaign signs posted all over your community this November, that’s why! The elections are coming and people are getting ready to vote.

Celebrate Veterans Day

Each year on November 11, Americans celebrate Veterans Day to honor and thank those who have served in the U.S military. Established as Armistice Day in 1918, the holiday’s original purpose was to celebrate the end of World War I. President Eisenhower made Veterans Day official in 1954. Communities across the United States hold parades and other events to honor veterans, and a national Veterans Day Ceremony takes place each year at Arlington National Cemetery in Washington, D.C.

Veterans Day is a great opportunity to get involved in your host community. Watch a parade, volunteer at a local Veterans Affairs Center, or simply talk to a military veteran. You might hear about American history directly from someone who helped shape it.

Give Thanks on Thanksgiving

Many Americans look forward to this special day all year. On this holiday, Americans gather to give thanks with family and friends, and share a feast. Thanksgiving takes place every year on the fourth Thursday of November. The holiday was established in 1621 when Native Americans and the first British pilgrims to settle in America gathered to celebrate a successful harvest.

Today, a similar traditional meal is still the main focus of this holiday. On Thanksgiving Day, Americans spend a lot of time preparing dinner. The meal usually includes turkey with stuffing (made with bread crumbs, herbs, and other ingredients), mashed potatoes and gravy, vegetables, and cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie for dessert.

Visit Virginia's Shenandoah National Park

If you plan to visit Washington, D.C. take time to travel to Shenandoah National Park. You won’t want to miss the staggering natural beauty of the Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains. In early November you might catch the last of the colorful, fall leaves. If not, you’ll still see amazing mountain vistas, waterfalls, wildlife, and more.