In this month’s culture guide, we’ll introduce you to three different American holidays and a special national park.

President's Day

Presidents’ Day is a national holiday celebrated on the third Monday of February. It was first observed in 1879 to honor the life and accomplishments of America’s founding father, George Washington, who was born February 22, 1732.

World Cancer Day

February 4th is World Cancer Day. On this day consider volunteering your time to participate in an American Cancer Society fundraiser or walk hosted in your local community. Your unique talents will make a real difference, and you can choose from volunteer positions that match your interests, allow you to learn new skills and fit in your schedule.

African-American History Month

This month we also recognize and celebrate the achievements of African-Americans in U.S. history. African-American History Month grew out of Negro History Week, which was started in 1926 by historian Carter G. Woodson and other prominent African-Americans. The event was not officially recognized until 1976, when President Ford officially named it. Each year, a different theme is designated to the month long celebration.

Glacier National Park

Whether you’re a fan of February’s cold weather or not Glacier National Park is sure to amaze you. Glacier is in Montana, on the border of the United States and Canada.

Known as the Crown of the Continent, the park is home to more than 1 million acres of beautiful wilderness, towering mountain peaks with stunning views, more than 700 miles of trails, many picturesque lakes, and countless species of plants and animals.